Co-work placeI founded Heydesk, because I simply LOVE sitting with others in what we call co-working spaces. And basically co-working spaces is something each and everyone of us can create ourselves; we can create in our home or in our own office if you have one. You really just need WifFi, desks and coffee – there’s already a platform outthere that let’s you market your available desk spaces for free, as you might know.

But there are some more things you can optimize if you strive to have a big and succesful co-working space. And our team has gathered 12 different areas, which I am allowing myself to take full credit of in this article.

1. Attractive interior decoration

The setup of a co-working space has to be impressive, creative and conceptualized. Co-workers choose your co-working space to move out of that file stuffed office room and work in a free and more creative area

Some ideas for a vibrant environment:

a. Your interior should inspire
Do not create that same old boring environment for them who seek a completely new workspace. For instance, the walls can have motivational quotes beautifully framed. You can place some antiques around to grace the office. The forum should inspire and generate positive vibes for the tenants.

b. Openness to change
The infrastructure must be suitable for the people working there. An unevenly decorated interior can break the boredom and set the perfect mood for the co-workers. Apart from flexible chairs and tables, small staircases can be good places for the writers.

A new idea is in the offer. Try separating the area using movable partitions. This will enable you to make easy changes to the room. Reserve some spots for interaction with the co-members.

c. Fun factors
Everybody needs refreshment amidst work. Let the members at your co-working space also have the fun. Make tricky set-ups or place a table tennis board at the free space. 

2. Feeling at home in the co-working office with daily requirements

Apart from relaxing chairs and tables, arrange for the basic amenities of your co-workers. A brief list is here:

  1. Desks in the open.
  2. Parking lot is a necessity.
  3. Cafeteria for a coffee break.
  4. A small kitchen.
  5. Personal locker facility.
  6. Restrooms.
  7. Changing rooms.
  8. Telephone zones for taking calls.
  9. ‘Silence please’ rooms for the writers or others who seek quiet spaces.
  10. Library for the community.
  11. Internet services or Wi-Fi.
  12. Hardware like printers, scanners, fax machine, photocopier machine, desktop computers or laptops.

Loosen up while you work.

3. Identify your target group

Remember that your plans are not for any other office in your vicinity. It’s for the co-working space you want to build to offer users with extended benefits. It is never possible to provide an all-in-one package for all. So, target a specific group that best suits your company goal. Now choose them as your audience.

People from different academic and professional background come together to collaborate and share their projects. Focusing on your target audience help you, provide better service to the users. 

4. Where are you going to build this co-working space

Now your skills of identifying the target market will help you choose the perfect location for your co-working space. It may be on a busy junction with much noise outside or amidst a calm landscape.  Wherever the location will be, make sure that the area has a proper transportation system. This will keep your members coming back to the co-working space.

People are mostly attracted to the places having cafeteria, restaurants, bars, variety outlets, movie halls, etc. nearby. Take a look at these conditions before selecting a location.  

5. Provide conference halls for the co-workers, organize events and workshops

a. This is a scope for the co-working space to earn additional revenue. Construct separate meeting rooms for the members and their clients to discuss business projects. Keep an open offer for the non-members also to use these halls on rent.

b. Create the opportunity for those in your membership list to interact with each other. Seminars and interactive sessions on various subjects will enhance their skills and knowledge. But make sure the topic of discussion somehow relates to your brand and its identity.

c. You can hold workshops to educate the tenants of your innovative office. As an example, if there is an ethical hacker amongst you, ask him to conduct a session on the increasing need of ethical hacking. The co-workers will get to learn something new from each other.   

Co-working space 6. Manage company recognition through proper branding.

Only setting up a co-working space is just not enough. To attract more users, let the market know about your presence. Use your logo, company name in different platforms to establish your brand. A peek into the important areas for branding:

a. Internet platform
Create a website for your business. It must contain the details of your company and highlight the points that make you stand out. Use social media – Facebook, twitter, google+, Pinterest to promote the brand. Conduct engaging chats and reviews to involve the audience.

b. Collaborate with local buddies
Local business buddies can help you reach out to a wider mass. You can go in partnership deals with those firms to contribute in your events or seminars. For example, collaborate with the local sweets outlet to serve sweets and other desserts at your workshop.

c. Advertisement in various mediums
Put up ads in different mediums to let the country people know about you. Also engaging in social activities with your members would do good promotion of your co-working space.

7. Ensure easy life for the working parents also

Grab this wonderful idea to create a kids corner somewhere in your co-working space. Parents who neither can stay in office nor work from home for their children would find a new working place for themselves. While the kids play in their own space, the parents work comfortably.    

8. Opt for some musical arrangements

Well, music gives a soothing relaxation to our mind. Do some musical arrangements in the space to relieve your members from the day’s job. Some people might not agree to it during the work period, but others do enjoy the sound. In that case, there can be a separate area for them with equipment like music player and headphones.

Hire a band for some live music in the evenings. That would be a happy ending of the day. 

9. Focus on community development

a. As you are known that the workers here, come from various fields, they just don’t want to follow the strict ‘work and leave’ policy.  They seek something more and extra. Apart from their own task, involve them in daily ‘co-work’ activities. The co-working company can have its house journal where members can get their write-ups and opinions published.

b. Enrich a part of the space wall with photos and activities of the coworkers. Ask them to give their valuable opinions regarding the development of space and new innovative ideas.

c. Arrange for weekend breaks. Organize cultural or talent hunt shows for the users as a community development initiative. As a result, the workaholics will get a chance to showcase their hidden qualities. Such programs can also be conducted for the kids.

d. Short distance trips are interesting. Or a picnic to some unexplored spot to boost up interaction among the members. The local transportation service can be hired for the travel. This is a part of your company’s promotion also.

10. Special services to students

Start student membership to involve the next generation.

The young people should be encouraged in skill development activities. Give a forum to the students to interact with the established personalities of the societies. Collaborate with the colleges to conduct informative seminars on current affairs, political issues, management topics and other subjects related to their field of education. 

Engage them in a various activity-based project to enhance their quality and skill.

The co-workers company can provide certified internship programs as an opportunity to gain experience. This will help them to work in office environments in future and make them industry ready.

Like for other members, take the initiative to organize various educational trips for the students. Try to explore new places and assign them practical projects to cover. The young people should not be limited to their text-books only. Make way for practical exposure.

11. Affordable rates will pull your customers

a. Have different packages
As discussed so far, a co-working space has in store a lot of facilities for their customers. The space company should, therefore, offer various packages for the users. They will choose the one that best suits their requirements. Before you decide on the charges, it is recommended to go for a wide research of the needs of your customers, who they are, what the market demands, etc. Visit your competitors’ profile to check out what they are offering. This will help you innovate new ideas.

b. Discounts
Provide weekend or seasonal discounts to your members. Enable extended services for a specific period to friends or colleagues of the registered coworker. This promotional offer will help your company name go beyond the box.

c. Daily basis
Many entrepreneurs and freelancers needs the flexibility and not just one co-working space to work from. Choose a daily rate for those who wants to book through Heydesk. We suggest ‘Monthly Price’ divided by ’21 work days’ and multiplied by 2-2,5.

12. Enable digital services to the customers

Being in a hectic schedule, nobody wishes to visit the office to do the formalities. Provide the upgraded online facilities to your clients. Online financial transactions, membership registration, pre-booking options, regular updates, submission of the query and instant feedback are some of the services that would make their job easy and hassle free.

A quality website should have options of registering complaints online efficiently through e-mail.  The coworking firm can also provide the latest information immediately over the internet.

The numbers of co-working spaces have crossed the 2500 rank. The demand is on a continuous rise. With more and more such companies coming up, it’s a challenge to move up the ladder and provide the best quality service to the customers. The profit of the business should be kept in mind. However, this should never hamper the service towards the society.

It’s true that you cannot meet all the demands, but at least try to give the best at whatever you offer. It is important to understand the social responsibility we have.

Although co-working spaces are meant for people from the diverse professional area, your company services should not be limited towards a specific group. Look forward to uplifting your society as a whole.

The co-workers must get to enjoy their life to the fullest. Work would be more exciting now, in a well-designed and properly managed co-working space!

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