Meeting Room @ 11.5€  per hour
   Meeting Room
   Via Pierdomenico Frattini, 37, 37045 Legnago, VR, Italy


Büro37 - Meeting space in Legnago, Italy

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Büro37 is the brainchild of Spazio Progetto, Cheudesign, Goto Studio and Brandless Communication Studio.
Formerly the headquarters of architects, designers and web developers, the 300sqm area includes 2 private offices, a meeting room, a break area and a loft with 12 large workstations.
Why work in Büro37?
You have all the advantages of an office, with a ready-made space in the heart of Legnago, easily accessible by train, car and bus. The costs are fixed, include all consumption and you do not have start-up costs. In addition you remain as you want, without long-term commitments and multi-year contracts.
Free Coffee
Free Refreshments
Free Parking


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