Desk @ 72.09€  per Month
   Desk - 20 Desk
   Calle Aquiles Serdán 421, Obregon, 37320 León, Gto., Mexico


BigTosttada - Shared workspace in León, Mexico

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The first coworking and collaboration space of the City of León, Gto.
More than your office BigTosttada Coworking is the ideal space to connect, collaborate and create.
Behind ideas there are beings that create.
Communities are formed of people, for people, between people and to serve people.
The collaboration between people generate ideas more powerful than those of a single human being.
People are interconnected by communities, whether they are aware of it or not.
The communities allow the exchange of knowledge and the creation of new and powerful ideas.
Here there is no competition, there is collaboration.
We firmly believe in the question: Would I like what I am going to do to do it? And we act accordingly.
Collaboration generates a sense of united community.
Nobody knows more than the other, but in community we know more than all.
As people of a large community, we connect ideas, ideas and thoughts with ethical principles.
High speed internet/wifi
Free Water
Kitchen Available
Free Refreshments
Free Coffee


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