Meeting Room @ 34.5€  per hour
   Meeting Room
   Via Galileo Galilei, 1, 75100 Matera, MT, Italy

Casa Netural

Casa Netural - Meeting space in Italy

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Casa Netural is a home in Matera that brings people from all over the world to inspire, regenerate and realize their ideas around the themes of social, cultural and creative innovation.
It houses within it a space for coworking, coliving and an incubator of cultural and creative enterprises.
Founded by Andrea Paoletti and Mariella Stella in 2012, Casa Netural resides in a historic popular district wanted by Adriano Olivetti. In it the community can start collaborations and shared projects, with social innovators from all over the world, which thanks to the Co-living project are hosted in the space, where they live and work but above all meet the local population and try to imagine possible future for the territory.
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