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Delovar - Meeting Space in Moscow, Russia

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Business Club "Delovar"
- a private association of business owners, created by entrepreneurs in 2003 in Moscow.

We, the founders of the club, Arkady Lopukhov , Lyudmila Lunkova , and others, created this club because it was useful for our companies and helped us build and develop our own business.

Since then, the goal of the club has not changed: help in the creation, development and conduct of its business through the organization of a platform for the exchange of experience between entrepreneurs and the holding of events useful for business development.

At the initiative of local entrepreneurs, Delovar has been working in Saransk since 2012, starting from 2015 in Krasnoyarsk, since 2016 in Izhevsk and Penza.

In 2018, Delovar opened in Kazan, and on March 29, 2018 the club will be opened in Perm.

Also, Delovar became the first and only Russian association of entrepreneurs, whose experience was in demand in Europe: in 2016 clubs opened in the cities of Barcelona and Prague.

The general audience of the club exceeds 400,000 people, including club members, event participants, regular readers of the club's electronic newspaper .

Club page on facebook .

Members of the Delovar Business Club
100% of the members of the club are business owners who lead in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Spain, Czech Republic, China, Poland, Germany.

80% of them are representatives of small business, with a turnover of up to 800 million rubles. in year.

15% of the club members are representatives of medium-sized businesses with a turnover of up to 10 billion rubles. in year.

5% of club members are beginning entrepreneurs, people who are currently creating their own business. They extend membership in the club only on the condition that they are engaged in the creation of a business.

Members of the Delovar Business Club can not be hired employees, civil servants, officials, politicians, if they do not wish to change their occupation and become entrepreneurs.

Among the members of our club you can meet beginners and experienced businessmen; owners of a family business with a 400-year history from Spain, serial entrepreneurs from Russia and owners of innovative start-ups, adults and young people, men and women - different and dissimilar people, united by one indispensable quality - a free entrepreneurial spirit.
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