Meeting Room @ 8.85€  per hour
   Meeting Room
   Kakuda, Kakuda, Miyagi 981-1505, Japan


Gomboppa - Conference room in Kakuda, Japan

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It is a coworking space Gomboppa (Gomboppa) just outside Kakuda station! !
Coworking space is a space where people from various industries gather together and can work in unexpected ways.
Gomboppa will support you who are challenging with Senan's "will", those who are about to start challenging with full power! !
For example,
· In starting up in Sennan, I would like to make connections with entrepreneurs and people from various industries.
· Preparation for entrepreneurs · Where you can learn know-how, I would like a base of work where corporations can register.
· I work alone as freelance, but I want to brush up ideas through exchanges with various people.
Gomboppa will provide space for people with such thought to gather and interact.
As a casual workplace, as a base for entrepreneurship,
As a place of change, as a place to meet new people, etc ...
How to use spreads in many ways according to you!
Free Coffee
Free Water
High speed internet/wifi


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