Desk @ 8.61€  per day
   Desk - 20 Desk
   Phuket 83000 Thailand


HATCH - Coworking Space Phuket, Thailand

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Open hours
Coworking is the efficient union of people who share their experiences, knowledge and contacts, even though they do not have the same tasks or goals. This organization generates a stream of thinking with more ideas, thoughts, productivity and creativity.
Highlights of HATCH CoWorking Space
Is a comfortable workplace.HATCH
Meaning of incarceration Hatching eggs Naming this CoWorking Space.Highlights of HATCH CoWorking Space
Is a comfortable workplace.Downtown Parking lot ,Key Card Access To protect the safety of the users.
There is a relaxing work zone. And sit the desk.37 power points in the work area.
High Speed ​​Internet Access
Stable for long-lasting fast usage.
With fiber optic backup system from 2 service providers.Router 6 Service Zone
There are user names and passwords specific to the user.Printer Fax Service
Coffee, tea and soft drinksFree service throughout the day.
Free Coffee
Free Refreshments
Kitchen Available
High speed internet/wifi


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