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   ул. Набережная 62-й Армии, Volgograd, Russia

Ikra Space

Ikra Space - Great Coworking Space in Volgograd, Russia

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This project is an idea of ​​a creative business center with preferential rental conditions for young, promising, fast growing companies.
This project is new for Volgograd. But as a model for the organization of business spaces, he is not the first, and has proved himself well in Moscow ("The Bottle", "Red October", "Strelka"), St. Petersburg, in other large cities of Russia and abroad. Many companies, with the advent of such creative business clusters, are trying to open their own business in such centers, because it works! The project is unique, as in one territory the best companies of the city, companies that can interact with each other, attracting even more attention from customers will be represented.

In addition, these are the only office premises in the city of Volgograd, which, according to the organization of space, interior and technology, meet the modern needs of any prospective business.
Such a place of business will undoubtedly talk about the image and vision of the company!

The creative business center of ICRA is a great chance to show your customers how you position yourself in a competitive market! Are you young? Perspective? You look to the future? Are you professionals in what you do? Then you just need to be in ICRE!
Surprise your client by the fact that he can come and have a cup of coffee on a comfortable couch to use the Internet for free and not to take any business, to wait for a meeting with you.
Surprise it with an interior that is made of environmentally friendly materials that meet the latest trends in business space solutions!
Glad the employees who love their new workplace!

ICRA offers:

Spaces from 13 m2.
Rental rate from 700 rubles / m
Rooms already finished (you come and work)
Access to the office 24 hours / 7 days a week
Possibility to rent a workplace if you do not need a separate office
Reception with a waiting area
Toilets for general use
Parking for cars and bicycles
Creative environment around (offices of advertising agencies, design studios, etc.)
Library and photo studio.
coffee house
Free Coffee
Kitchen Available
Free Water
High speed internet/wifi


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