Meeting Room @ 13.8€  per hour
   Meeting Room
   Via Fontechiari, 35, 00172 Rome, RM, Italy


L'Alveare - Meeting space in Rome, Italy

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Coworking is a way of working all over the world and starts from the assumption that in the current economy, sharing and collaborating produces more value, social and economic, than the traditional scheme of competition. For some companies or professionals of different nature, sharing work environments and sharing resources, skills and knowledge is an innovative, stimulating and intelligent choice. For other subjects, such as parents with babies and small children, it can be an opportunity to realize their talent and their professionalism.
L’Alveare coworking with baby space, is the first example of urban welfare that integrates an innovative educational service to coworking. It was born from an idea of Città delle Mamme, a voluntary association active in Rome since 2009.
High speed internet/wifi
Free Water
Kitchen Available
Free Parking
Free Refreshments
Free Coffee


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