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   Desk - 30 Desk
   19 Rue de Cléry, Paris, France

Le 10h10

Le 10h10 - Cool Working space in Paris, France

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10:10 is much more than a new coworking space in Paris. The 10:10 is a place with spirit: "promising future, beautiful, which makes dream girls" as said the huge Christophe Bevilacqua. Convivial, colorful and warm, the 10:10 Coworking Café in Paris has been designed to encourage the creation and development of all types of projects. Everyone can come, without the need to book or commit. No need for Siret, paper or bail. Your ideas and your computer are enough. We find ourselves alone or with others, for an hour, a day, a month or for life.
The atmosphere of the 10h10 Coworking Café is conducive to creation and everything is done so that one day you can say about your project: "Everything started a morning when at 10:10 ..."
At 10:10 Coworking Café our promise is simple: come when you want, pay the time spent, the rest is offered to you!
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Free Coffee


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