Meeting Room @ 40.25€  per hour
   Meeting Room
   40.25€  per hour
   36-40 Edge Street, Manchester, United Kingdom


MadLab - Creative meeting Sapce in Manchester,United Kingdom

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It’s a space you can get together with like-minded individuals and work on your urban gardening, crochet, hacking, programming, media arts, filmmaking, animating project without worrying that you’re in a library, coffee shop, pub or other unsuitable venue. We know hackers and craftspeople need work space and may need to get down and dirty – we also know sometimes you need a quiet area to present and show works to your peers. We support both activities. And we hope there will be a rich mix of individuals who’ll get out of the usual zones, the knitter talking to the software architect, the cupcake maker scheming with the laser etching builder. We know some good will come of this.
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Kitchen Available
Free Water


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