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1 Matthews Yard, Croydon, United Kingdom

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You can't reach this coworking space by phone, so don't even bother trying to find a number to chat to someone, but Matthews Yard is real and sits in the first brewery and former jail-house of the Old Town area of Croydon. This is where coffee, cake and coworking clash in beautiful symmetry amidst a creative space of diverse uses.

There are numerous comments praising this coworking space as being amazing value, having a relaxed atmosphere, super nice staff and a gem of a place to hang out in - let alone the space to be in when doing finger exercises on your laptop and the brain is exploding with ideas. Matthews Place is the definitive toffee nut latte haven where you can grab a burger or swan around admiring some art in between working.

The coworking space of Matthews Yard, "The Exchange" (aptly named considering the building was the former B T Exchange building), sits next door to the entrance to Matthews Yard. You will find hot desks, fixed desks and office suites to choose from. A mere 8 minutes walk from East Croydon Station, you can even grab a fast connecting train to London or Gatwick from here.

There is high speed Internet to plug into whilst you guzzle your favorite caffeine concoction or a healthy brew of tea and you can spread the crumbs from your home-made cake over your laptop as your busy fingers try to keep up with your brain waves. If you are a member you get discounted food and drinks to make you smile. Car parking is handy and nearby for those that don't want to pedal a bike.

It's wheelchair friendly for those that need it and there are plenty of events happening on a regular basis. You can meander into Matthews Yard any time between 9am to 8pm, 7 days a week.
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