Meeting Room @ 34.5€  per hour
   Meeting Room
   Konstanzer Straße 15A, Berlin, Germany


Meeet - Meeting space in Germany

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Rooms for a new collaboration
At Meeet, you will meet coaches, trainers, consultants and other specialists who will provide you with uncomplicated and concrete support. Whether you are looking for business coaching, communication training, a couple consulting, or organizational developer
At Konstanzer Straße 15a you'll find Meeet with great rooms for meetings, coaching sessions, workshops and trainings. Everything from 2-person meetings to a large 50-person full-time workshop, we can accommodate and provide. Flexible bookable and with exactly the service you need. And not only that: at Meeet, you'll find coworking for people who work with people.
Meeet is a network: rooms, service, workshops, meetings and special offers for trainers, coaches and consultants.
And last but not least: exciting events!
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Free Refreshments
Kitchen Available
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