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   Станционная улица, 104, Novosibirsk, Russia

Novosibirsk Expocenter

Novosibirsk Expocenter - Meeting Space in Novosibirsk, Russia

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MVK Novosibirsk Expocenter is the largest exhibition complex in the Urals, which currently has no analogues in Russia for technological equipment. It is designed and built according to the most modern technologies for building energy-efficient buildings existing in the world practice, using the concept of "green building".

Space of opportunities

MVK "Novosibirsk Expocenter" corresponds to the highest international standards of organizing and holding events of various levels: international summits and congresses, exhibitions and fairs, conferences and seminars, concerts, shows and sporting events.

The total area of ​​the complex is 40 000 m 2 :

the area of ​​two exhibition pavilions is 14 400 m 2 ,
the area of ​​the central block is 24 400 m 2 ;
the area of ​​the open street exposure is 12 600 m 2 ,
the area of ​​storage facilities - 2 300 m 2 .
In the exhibition pavilions, an opportunity is created for placing expositions and exhibits of virtually any weight, size and most unusual design.

The MVK "Novosibirsk Expocenter" provides everything necessary for comfortable and fruitful work: large and small conference rooms, rooms for business negotiations, several VIP-zones, office, service rooms, food court and restaurant.

The complex is equipped with modern and easy-to-use video, audio and computer equipment, all communication facilities, including the ability to access the Internet from anywhere in the exhibition complex via a wireless Wi-Fi network.
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