Meeting Room @ 3.45€  per hour
   Meeting Room
   Aleea Tineretului, Piatra Neamț, Romania

Rubik Hub

Rubik Hub - Meeting Space in Piatra Neamț, Romania

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Value-Added/Insightful Community BenefitsValue-Added/Insightful Community Benefits
Work with a close-knit community that helps accelerate both personal and professional growth.

To help your startup achieve sustainable growth, we’ve identified 12 value-added benefits. Each one is aimed at ensuring a seamless, successful, and fully personalized entrepreneurial journey.

Tap into all the benefits

Office Hours
Find the right mentor for your Startup. Ask and receive advice from experienced mentors and professionals.
Startup School
Find educational programs and guidance tailored at the needs of your Startup: knowledge from finding the idea that suits you until exit.
Product Feedback
We provide help to validate & build your Minimum Viable Product.

Like minded people
Creative, safe and friendly environment for your ideas and business-related projects.
Free Coffee
Kitchen Available
Free Water
High speed internet/wifi


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