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   Desk - 20 Desk
   69 Hanover Street, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Signature Works

Signature Works - Coworking space in United Kingdom

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The Signature brand has a solid track record in hospitality and the co-working market varies only slightly in nature, making it a natural next-step for us in our expansion. Rather like gym membership, co-workers need use of office facilities on an as-needed basis. If a gym member wants to improve progress they’ll work with a personal trainer and if they just want a routine workout, they’ll go it alone. With Signature Works, co-workers can become Members and choose their level of participation according to what stage they’re at in the growth cycle of their business. If a Member is just starting out and wants to dip their toe in the water, there’s our basic Virtual Membership plan and if they’re working on a project that requires intensive collaboration or concentration, they can opt to upgrade to The Works Membership for the duration they require more dedicated space.
Free Coffee
Free Refreshments
Free Water
High speed internet/wifi


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