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   39.1€  per day
   3919 30th Street, San Diego, CA 92104, USA

Union Cowork

Union Cowork - Coworking space in Claifornia

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Union Cowork was founded in San Diego, California in 2013. Every Union location is uniquely designed to provide a nurturing and productive atmosphere for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profits. The Company leases office and industrial space in various neighborhoods in California and select cities worldwide.
Union has 3 levels of Membership based on privacy needs and size varying from floating workspaces, to dedicated desks or entire offices. Our spaces are accessible 24/7 by an RFID mobile app and we provide a Community and Space Manager on site 9-5 Monday through Friday.
Flex Desk: Desk space for one that is in a shared open room, includes access to all amenities including locker storage and 1 hour of conference room per week.

Semi-Private: Office space for 1-4 people. Monthly costs include access to and use of all amenities, including 2 hours of conference room use per week.

Private Reserved: Office space for 1-10 people, private reserved spaces are fully enclosed offices with lockable doors. Private offices include use of all amenities and up to 4 hours of conference room use per week.
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