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   Desk - 10 Desk
   15bis Rue Léon Giraud, Paris, France

WOMA fabrique de quartier

WOMA fabrique de quartier - Best Working Space in Paris, France

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WoMa, neighborhood factory, is the contraction of Working and Making: working and doing. It is a workspace equipped with a digital manufacturing workshop open to all in the 19th arrondissement of Paris.
It is a tool place that one appropriates according to one's needs and desires. A place-tool that offers the possibility to share its skills and benefit from those of other users of the place.

WoMa is for all those who have desires and want to learn to realize unique projects.
WoMa, it is for all those who wish to invest and contribute to a
WoMa district project, it is the workshop that does not fit in your garage or at the back of the garden: traditional tools, numerically controlled machines
WoMa is a shared workspace to work 1 hour, 1 day or more!
WoMa is a team that accompanies you at every stage, a reservoir of knowledge, ideas and possibilities.
WoMa, it's done alone, with two, with family, friends, several ...
WoMa is for you!
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